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About Us

PhishNet Security was born from a critical need in the cybersecurity landscape – to equip organizations with the most potent weapon against the skyrocketing cases of cybersecurity breaches, a fortified human shield. In today’s digital age, the first line of defense against cyber threats is often the human element. Astounding statistics reveal that a staggering 90% of cyber-attacks result from human error, usually in the form of an innocuous click on a malicious phishing link.


The Ransomware Epidemic

One of the most menacing threats in the digital world today is ransomware. This malicious software encrypts a victim’s files, holding them hostage until a ransom is paid. It’s a highly profitable and destructive criminal industry that targets anyone with a digital presence. Cybercriminals prey on the vulnerabilities of organizations that lack comprehensive cybersecurity.  (read more here – link to Blog 5)


The Role of Security Awareness Training

The proactive approach to combating ransomware threats is comprehensive security awareness training for employees. Employees are often the weakest link in a company’s security chain, and cybercriminals exploit human errors, often through tactics like phishing emails to deliver ransomware. A well-trained team can be the first line of defense.

Securing Your Digital Realm. 100%

Our Leadership Team


Isaac Cagai

President and C.E.O

Naresh Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Chrzanowski

Chief Financial Officer

Akuac Ring

Human Resources Manager

Connor Fallon

Chief Marketing Officer

Abdulrahman Alammari

Managing Director for Middle East Operations

Ammari Tariq

Chief Information Officer

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